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The Lock-up-2 parking systems

The Lock-up-2 parking systemsThe Lock-up-2 parking systems has been designed by bike mechanics with the commuting cyclist in mind. The parking system is preferred by cyclists because it does not "BEND WHEELS" like your conventional ground system.

Commercial stores prefer this system because it eliminates the cluttering of bikes in front of their stores.

The Lock-up-2 parking system attracts cyclists to your store because customers have a place to secure their bikes while shopping. The Lock-up-2 is the most attractive rack on the market and accepts all sizes and styles of bicycles. We will powder paint to your specifications and also offer the Lock-up-2 in hot dipped galvanized or in a stainless steel polished to a #4 architectural finish.

The Lock-up-2 is constructed of high quality steel main frame 2" OD .125W
thick and 5/8" hot-rolled round-bar.

The Lock-up-2 parking systems


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